HSC Result - 2019 ** সর্বোচ্চ জিপিএ-৫ পেয়ে নীলফামারীতে শীর্ষে ক্যান্টনমেন্ট পাবলিক স্কুল অ্যান্ড কলেজ, সৈয়দপুর

Notice Board

Instruction for Guardians

A child is the unique asset for any guardian. Family is the innovating academy for the children and the guardians are undoubtedly the first and unique teachers as well. Your devoted co-operation is the bracing up step for your children’s success. The authority and the teachers are gladly in company with you for this great purpose. So, it is a must for the guardians to have full awareness, liberally

analyzing skills and intelligence. He should also have a strong support for the constructive policy of the institution. It creates a winsome setting of the institution as the guardians pay a support to the policy. So, your co-operation is avidly expected to the following agenda.

1. The institution is solely responsible for a student just by the time he or she is in the school. But, the guardians are liable for the other activities before coming to the school and after it.

2. The student are in a whole by class but individually distinctive. So, it is for the time being to recognize their particular traits.If the parents or guardians inform of their own children’s attitude, physical growth, likes and dislikes, promptness and skills to the teachers just at the launch of school, the teachers will provide congenial guide to the students.

3. The guardians are concerned to the regular care on studies of their children at home.

4. The students usually accompany with their friends and mates out of school. The guardians won’t keep them in touch with any company, friends or organization that may divert them from the right track. The guardians ought to be aware of their children’s sick movement, smoking, taking drugs or any other odd addictions and share it with class teachers, vice principal or principal.

5. The guardians keep regular contact with the teachers about their children’s study and the traits of character.

6. The guardians will take to the teachers with fetterless mind in case of disadvantage ground of study at home and they will try to apply the favorable tools for their children.

7. The guardians will motivate their children to the co-curriculum activities and inspire them for their achievement in studies and for securing good marks in practice.

8. The guardians will know any information in direct contact with the authority but not in care of any third man.

9. They will have an active participation for exchanging their views in the parent’s day meeting in time.

10. The answer scripts are shown in the class in presence of the subject teachers or the class teacher. The guardians can see the answer scripts on the particular day to know the errors and aptly co-operate their children along with the teachers for correction.

11. The class teachers can be informed by peon if the guardians would like to meet the teachers during the class time. But, they can’t enter the classes directly and can’t move here and there.

12. The guardianswill pay a convenient visit to the class teachers, vice principal and principal on the issue of study. But, it is compulsory to contact or meet the class teachers at least once in a week.

13. Everyday, the guardians will look over the students’ diary and take necessary initiatives for progression and other subject fields based on the teachers’ observation. They will keep regular contact with the class teachers accordingly.

14. Every exam result is delivered by report card. The guardians will witness that report card by subscribing it and ensure to send the card to the class teachers by the students.

15. Evaluate the health, physical development, eagerness-unwillingness, emotion-skill etc. of your children and help them adopt to the environment / surroundings and society.

16. Follow the neat and cleanliness of your home and the educational institution and make your children aware/conscious about this.

17. Encourage and inspire your children to take part in co-curricular activities along with academic studies.

18. Restrain yourselves from using mobile phone and face book in front of your children and forbid them to use such things. It is to be added here that using mobile phone / face book is totally forbidden for the students of this institution.

19. You are the best / greatest example for your children. For this, behave and mix with others in such a way as you want your children to behave.

20. Pay the tuition fee and other fess in due time.

21. Restrain yourselves from passing negative reproach in front of your children.

22. Try to lead your children to go through positive approach / attitude.

23. Parents will be regularly acquainted with their children’s attendance, exam result, tuition fees and other matters with the help of the automation software of the institution.

24. If you have any complaint regarding any activity / attitude inside the institution, inform it to the authority (Class teacher, Vice-Principal / Principal). But threatening forcing any member working in the institution is not expected. Your children will be expelled / rusticated in case this kind of occurrence occurs.

25. Besides, parents come to this institution while the class activities are going on. Many of them move here and there in the campus. As a result, overall discipline and security of the institution is hampered and it tends to make the students inattentive in the class. Parents are requested to maintain the following instructions while they come to the institution regarding their children’s educations and official activities:

(a) Take help of the orderly maid / office attendant while entering your children to the institution for everyday classes. Entering the classroom with the children is not allowed anyhow.

(b) Parents are not allowed to enter into the institution before 08.45 am.

(c) Parents will halt inside Abokash (Guardian Shed) maintaining discipline until a fixed guardian shed is constructed for them.

(d) Male parents will halt inside the guardian shed adjacent to the Gate No-2. Never enter the institution without having any official work.

(e) Guardians will stay beside the school gate when the classes are finished and take their children in their own responsibility.

(f) In case of any official works, submit their necessary documents and wait at the fixed place allocated for them and leave the campus after finishing / completing the work.

(g) Never send anyone else for collecting your children’s certificate, mark sheet
and other documents. In any special case, through father-mother and legal parents the documents can be collected.

(h) Parents may speak to the class teacher, Vice-Principal and the Principal if they have any suggestion regarding the necessity of the students.

Undoubtedly, your spontaneity as a guardian will help in fulfilling the dream of your children and increasing the reputation of the institution.